Sunday, October 16, 2011

BLACK POWDER Sales in Central Kansas

I want to check the demand for the sale of Black Powder in the Central Kansas area.
I understand that many Black Powder competitive shooters must go out of Kansas to purchase their powder.
What name powders would be needed?
What is the demand?

Please contact me with your responses at


  1. You didn't have the .45 ACP ammo I was looking for, but I enjoyed browsing your web site !! My email: Disabled Vietnam Vet: 68-70, Helicopter door gunner, 240th AHC- BearCat, RVN, 2nd tour in-country. I am a KJV Bible loving servant of Jesus Christ, and also write a Christian Blog: TOM'S JOURNAL. Live in Iron Mountain, MI, Happily married -Baptist.
    Welcome Home, Brother combat Vet !!

    1. What 45 ACP ammo are you looking for?

      I have not kept site up-to-date, due to problem getting ammo.